I don’t see products for the machine I have.

At Garage Products we pride ourselves on being the best in the business for suspension bushings in the off road market. If you have a new machine that we don’t make parts for yet, or an older machine that you don’t see listed by all means drop us a line and let’s get a solution in the works for you. We love custom work.

I placed an order but I still haven’t received it.

We ship most orders the same day, if not the very next day. We supply tracking information when your order ships. Sometimes international orders are held up at customs, etc. which is beyond our control and we request your patience for receiving your parts. The only tracking info we have is the same tracking info we provide to you.

I know you said to read the instructions but I didn’t and now I messed something up.

It happens more than you may think. Bushings seem like a simple install, and they generally are but if done improperly you can damage them. If this happens contact us and we will arrange to get you the parts that were damaged, or walk you through how to properly install the bushings.